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Welcome to newblueandgold.com. This is a site that talks about all things related to boating. We the owners of this site have tremendous passion for boats. We love riding on all sorts of boats including recreational banana boats, wooden boats, inflatable boats, dory boats and heck folks, even fishing boats!

beatifully constructed boat

Some of us here are straight up fishing junkies. One of the writers here, Kyle ‘The Barracuda’ Thomas was practically born on a fishing boat! He’s been doing some real hardcore fishing for close to 3 decades.

kyle thomas

Kyle Thomas

Aside from riding on boats, a couple of us here do have the knowledge and expertise to build actual life size boats. And most of us here own a boat or two – some own more than 5 different boats, thus we do possess the extensive know-how when it comes picking a top quality boat, choosing the best equipment as well as doing basic service and maintenance.

And that’s the primary goal of this site. We wish to help fellow boat enthusiasts in making the proper boat selection, proper equipment selection and performing the necessary care and maintenance protocols to ensure your chosen boat will be in tip-top shape for many, many years to come.

Boats That the We Like to Use

We love inflatable dinghy boats because they are not difficult to handle and can be utilized for various purposes. You can use it to go fishing or just for a quick boating around your favorite fresh water or saltwater locations.  It’s not that expensive either. You can get a top notch one for under 900 bucks or so. If you’re in the market for a decent dinghy inflatable boat that won’t put a huge dent in your finances, then do check out the one that’s made by a company called Newport Vessels.

our favorite inflatable dinghy boat

We are a big fan of Newport Vessels Dana inflatable sport tender dinghy boat. The quality of this boat is phenomenal and it is included in the United States Coast Guard ratings (USCG). The boat looks stylish as well and some of us have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback by folks at our respective marinas.

Simple Fishing Boats

There are many pure fishing boats that we like a lot such as the 12 Jon Fishing Boat by KL Industries, the Pelican Intruder 12 Fishing Boat by Pelican, and most of all, the Sun Dolphin Pro Fishing Boat. The latter is one heck of a fishing boat!

It’s 10.2 feet in length, weighs about 160 pounds and can accommodate a combined weight of approximately 470 pounds. This is one heavy-duty fishing boat that offers terrific level of comfort for those who love fishing regularly in small areas.

a stylish and reliable fishing boat

As for the 12 Jon Fishing Boat, now this one provides real value for money. We love the seating areas which are quite spacious and comfy. Thumbs up for its durability and we also love the fact that the Jon Boat can be loaded and unloaded with minimal fuss.

a very simple fishing boat

The Pelican Intruder 12 is highly recommended for fun fishing sessions in small rivers, lakes, or ponds. It’s durable, stable and easy to care for. The maximum weight it is capable of handling is 420 pounds. A very decent fishing boat all in all and since it’s pretty affordable at around $700 – $750, you’re going to get your money’s worth.

we like this pelican fishing boat

Let’s Not Forget the Paddle Boats

Yes, some of us here do own paddle boats. We are actually crazy about them because they are so much fun to use. Every time we put them out on a lake, we end up spending hours paddling around. Playing around with paddle boats can be relaxing and not to mention it can be a spectacularly fun activity for the whole family.

So what’s the best paddle boat out there? Well, if you have a budget of around $1000 – $1200, then we’d recommend you splash that cash on a Sun Dolphin paddle boat.

amazingly fun paddle boat!

It’s by far, one of the most comfortable paddle boats we’ve been on. It comes with a cool canopy to protect you from the sun. It also has a built-in cooler or you can even keep your stuff in there. The seats are comfy and can fit in 3 adults or even 2 adults and 3 children. Yes, it is that spacious!

What If I Want to Build a Boat from Scratch?

You can do that too. Those with zero experience in building a boat from the ground up can benefit immensely from referring highly detailed ready-made boat building construction plans. One of the contributors of newblueandgold.com who goes by the name of Frank Young has a massive interest in building boats that are made of wood. He’s getting pretty good at building them.

cool and creative frank young

Frank Young

Keep in mind that Frank didn’t come from a family of boat builders or work in the boat construction industry. It wasn’t that long ago when Frank had no experience at all in wood working, let alone building wooden boats. But armed with pure passion and unwavering perseverance, he managed to build his first wooden boat.

He was of course super excited and thus, decided to try his hands on building different types of wooden boats. He’s gradually getting the hang of things and we are more than happy to have him on board (no pun intended) as one of our regular contributors. Now, Frank was able to learn the art of building wooden boats at a relatively fast rate thanks to this handy downloadable package containing heaps of step-by-step wooden boat construction plans.

easy to follow plans for building your own wooden boat

Frank recommends this highly.

The plans are very newbie-friendly and if building wooden boats from scratch is something you’re interested in pursuing, then you might want to check them out.

Another beginner-friendly plans package that you might want to look into is the “Grand Banks Dory Plans” by Fraser and Wilbert. The latter is the master dory boat builder. We were told that Wilbert has constructed over 50 dory boats in the past 8 years. Talk about prolific! He teamed up with Fraser who is good at writing sales copy and also has the technical skills to distribute the plans online so people can purchase them.

The plans are perfect for aspiring dory boat builders. Easy to follow and full of detailed measurements, diagrams and stuff so there’s no room for guesswork.

What About Building Boat Model Crafts Instead?

Building a real boat isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some folks can pick up the skills pretty easily, but some can’t even hammer a nail properly. As we mentioned earlier, there are only two guys in our team who are capable of building real boats – and that includes Frank Young.

The rest of us can’t build boats. However, we’re more than able to do the next best thing and that is…building and collecting model crafts of boats and ships! All the guys here are passionate about building, collecting and displaying these rather pricey “grown-up toys”. Yes, the boat and ship model crafts we collect are definitely not for kids.

Recently one of the guys here, Terry, bought a gorgeous modeling kit of a 17th century Corel S.R.L Reale De France ship.  My goodness, this model kit is insanely detailed and building it requires plenty of patience. If you do manage to get this model kit done, you should go ahead and pat yourself on the back several times. We think it’s a model kit that’s worthy to be displayed in an art gallery.

absolutely gorgeous!Guess how much Terry shelled out for this particular model kit? A whopping $800! Heck, it’s even more expensive than some real life-sized boats. Still, it is money well spent if you’re into this sort of thing and you have the cash to burn. If you’re interested in something cheaper, but still display-worthy, try the Corel S.R.L Mit Mistique: French Xebec, 1750 modeling kit.

this one is gorgeous too!

Another boat or ship modeling kit we really fancy is the 1954 Chris Craft Commander Express Cruiser wooden boat kit. This one is simple yet classy. It’s not difficult to assemble and the price is cheaper than the aforementioned modeling kits.

this one is not too shabby

Hey, are you interested in building an accurate model of the Titanic? We’ve seen movies based on the Titanic and read a few books about this doomed ship. Then one day, we actually came across a Titanic model kit. How about that eh?

super huge titanic model kit

Extremely detailed!

This Titanic model kit is stunning. The level of accuracy is astounding and there’s a shed load of tiny intricate details to be found in this kit so it’s definitely not for inexperienced boat/ship model kit enthusiast. We suppose it is possible for a beginner to take on this Titanic model kit and complete it successfully, but you must be a highly patient beginner, otherwise you’re not going to make it. As mentioned, this kit has numerous complex details so do not expect to finish it in just a matter of days.

Sean Lee the most experienced ship and boat modeler here at newblueandgold.com took close to four months to finish up this model kit. Sean even claims that completing it ranks up there as one of the most cherished achievements in his life.

Our Favorite Boat Equipment

Wow, there isn’t enough space on this page to list our favorite boat equipment. We own so many of them and most are utilized regularly when we go boating, so please do check the inner pages of this site for detailed information regarding our recommended boating tools and equipment.

Having said that, we figured why not mention a handful of equipment on this page as some readers might not be in the mood to click around to check out the inner pages.

Winch Strap

Ok first of all, when it comes to winch strap, we highly recommend the 2-Inch X 20 by Shoreline Marine.

a top notch winch strap

This winch strap is durable and the installation process is a complete breeze. It comes with a rather big hook and the quality is superb.

Bilge Pump

As for small bilge pumps, there are plenty of top-of-the-line ones but if you’re a little cash strapped, then you can’t go wrong with Shoreline Marine’s 800 GPH (gallons per hour) bilge pump. It works fast, it’s easy to get going and for the price, the pump is an absolute steal.

what a cost effective blige pump

Rotary Steering System

For rotary steering system, a favorite of ours is the Teleflex SS14711 No-Feedback 4.2 Rotary Steering Package Single Rack.

it's a very decent system

Installing the system is a little difficult – may require two persons. The instructions that came with the system are extremely helpful though. The no feedback feature is awesome. A friend installed it on his 40 mph boat recently and he was pleased to discover that the motor doesn’t give out any feedback. 9 different sizes are available ranging from 10 to 18 feet.


After trying out a number of boat anchors including those coated with plastic, we found this vinyl-coated Danielson Navy Paint Anchor and simply fell in love with it.

vinyl coated anchor that's highly recommended

You’d be amazed at how well this thing sinks. It’s as if the anchor is constructed of metal! It doesn’t rust too fast and the flukes of the anchor are blunt so it won’t get snag so easily. You can pick from 4 different sizes. The most popular size is the 15 lbs and most of us here own this size.

Let There Be Light Underwater!

Want some lighting underwater? Grab the Lumitec SeaBlaze3 2-Color LED Underwater Light. We’re confident you won’t be disappointed. The brightness it gives out is incredible and keeping it on for some time doesn’t take up a lot of battery power.

let's brighten the sea

You can switch to 2 different colors and both colors are pleasing to the eye. Don’t worry about the installing procedure. It’s extremely easy. This LED underwater light by Lumitec is worth every penny.

Get a GPS Antenna for your Boat

Let’s say you plan on going boating on a river that has its fair share of perils, what’s the first thing you need to do? Of course you need to plan things ahead. And part of the planning involves mapping the river so you’ll be able to avoid potential hazards.

The mapping process can be very difficult to do, but with the following GPS antenna, the process becomes a whole lot easier.

mapping a river has never been easier

Not difficult to install and a reliable mounting hardware is included. The software support is excellent and the calibration process is super simple. This is one of our favorite boating accessories.

Prioritize Safety

Yes, safety is absolutely vital. Don’t get caught up in buying all sorts of shiny and fancy boating accessories that you forget about the necessary safety items. The boat safety kit by Fox 40 is reasonably priced and it has all the necessary safety items in one place.

this kit is a life saver

You get a safety whistle, a marine rope with float, a waterproof LED flashlight with a couple of batteries and a signal mirror. These items are stored in a nice looking and emergency-friendly bailer.

Another must have kit for boating adventure enthusiast is the waterproof and lightweight medical kit by a company called Adventure Medical Kits.

another must have kit for boating folks

In this kit, you’ll find a wide range of medical items for handling fractures, sprains, bleeding, etc. The amount of items available in the bag is indeed impressive. There are alcohol swabs in the bag, antibiotic ointment, aspirins, bandages, antiseptic wipes, and many more helpful items. This medical kit is practically mandatory folks. Don’t go boating without it!

Awesome Books for Boating Enthusiasts

Go to Amazon.com and check out the books listed below. They are worth reading from cover to cover. The first one is a must have in the bookshelf of every boating enthusiast.

1) Boating Skills and Seamanship, 14th Edition
2) 100 Fast & Easy Boat Improvements
3) The Insider’s Guide to Boat Cleaning and Detailing
4) The Big Book of Wooden Boat Restoration
5) How to Read a Nautical Chart, 2nd Edition
6) Boat Owner’s Mechanical and Electrical Manual

Alright, that’s enough gabble. Feel free to browse around this site. We hope you enjoy your time here and if you have questions, feedback or things of that sort, simply use this contact page. We’ll try to respond within 48 hours.

Peace and keep on boating!