Archaelogical Site Lipci discovered in 1955

Prehistorical Drawings in Lipci

Prehistorical drawings in Lipci on the rock were discovered in 1955 and very quickly attracted the attention of local and foreign researchers from various fields of science. Since 1957, the site has the status of a protected cultural heritage.

Shortly after the drawing was discovered, the first scientific articles were published in which various theories and interpretations about the character of the site, meaning, and age of drawings were presented. Since then, many scientific works have been publishing to date and with its beauty, significance and age of drawing in Lipci attract great interest in the wider public, so it is visited by a large number of visitors annually.

The composition of the drawing in Lipci shows the motif of prehistoric hunting with the deer shown on the move, moving from left to right. Animals between 35 and 45 centimeters long are painted schematized by applying color directly on the rock.

In addition to them, two figures of “riders” are painted on the rock, several “swastikas”, as well as the scheme of the boat.
The entire composition can be divided into two segments: the first to which the deer and the figures interpreted as “riders”, which would comprehensively represent the hunting scene and the other to which the figure of the ship and the “swastikas” belong.

“Swasticas” as a symbol of the cult of the Sun (there is a various interpretation of “swastika” symbols) in composition with the show of the ship can be interpreted as an apotropaic and magical meaning.
Another theory referred to in literature interpreters the symbols of “swastika’s” as one of the first attempts of nautical mapping of the Boka Bay. Realizing this segment as a magical or ritual painting in the hope of favorable sea and weather condition or attempting to map the bay, it is certainly the oldest confirmation of the seafaring from the territory of Montenegro and beyond.

Looking at the entire composition of painting in Lipci, researchers have agreed on the cult and religious character of the site, but there are still disagreements about the ethnicity of the author and the period of origin.

The cultural and chronological determination of the drawing is only possible based on stylistic characteristics and analogies, so the opinions of the scientific community are shared. Thus, in the literature, drawings are dates in the period of the Bronze Age (1600-1200 BC), the older Iron Age (8 century BC), while the latest research showed the greatest similarity to the drawing in Valle Camonica in the Italian Alps dated to 10 century BC.


Visit prehistorical drawings in Lipci.

Center For Conservation And Archaeology Of Montenegro

Top Sights Near lipci

In the Old Town of Kotor there are buildings crossed with narrow cobbled streets and squares. At one of the squares there is the cathedral of St. Tryphon (12th century, katedrala Sv. Trifuna, 12 vijek, катедрала Св. Трифуна, 12 вијек), a monument of medieval Kotor of Romanic culture and one of the more recognisable symbols of the city. 

The church of St. Luca (13th century, crkva Sv. Luke, 13 vijek, црква Св. Луке, 13 вијек), church St. Ana (12th century, crkva Sv. Ane, 12 vijek, црква Св. Ане 12 вијек), church St. Maria (13th century, crkva Sv. Marije, 13 vijek, црква Св. Марије, 13 вијек), church Church of Our Lady of Health (15th century, crkva Gospe od Zdravlja, 15 vijek, црква Госпе од Здравља, 15 вијек), church St. Nicholas (20th century, crkva Sv. Nikole, 20 vijek, црква Св. Николе, 20 вијек), Duke’s palace (17th century, Providureva palata, 17 vijek, Провидурева палата, 17 вијек ) and the Napoleon Theatre (19th century, Francusko pozorište, 19 vijek,  Француско позориште, 19 вијек) are only a few of Kotor’s treasures.



Kotor Old Town

Church in Kotor


St Nichola's Church

Kotor Gates

Our Lady Of The Rocks

Cathedral St. Tryphon

Kotor City Walls

Where To Stay in Lipci

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Things To Do in Lipci

Kotor Old Town And Perast

Meeting in front of Old town of Kotor, walking tour with guide – Finishing walking tour – Perast – Boat tour to the island Our Lady of Rocks and visit to museum – Returning to Perast and visit Perast museum and free time in town – Coming back to Kotor

**Total tour time is 4 hours.

Highlights of Boka Bay

Kotor – visiting island Our Lady of the Rocks and city of Perast  visiting Roman mosaics in Risan – Crossing the bay with ferry – visiting modern part Porto Montenegro in Tivat  – Coming back to Kotor trough old road going across the hill Vrmac

**Total tour time is 4 hours 30 minutes.

Mini Montenegro

Departure from Kotor via roads offering stunning panoramic view- photo break – Arrival to Njegusi – Visiting the drier and village with complimentary tasting of famous Njegusi smoked ham and cheese, wine and brandy – Continuing to and visiting Cetinje and getting familiar with its history – Continuing to Budva – Visiting Old Town in Budva – Returning to Kotor

**Total tour time around 8 hours.

Ostrog Monastery

Transfer from Kotor to Ostrog Monastery – Passing by Perast, Risan, Lipci, Slano Lake, Niksic – Arrival to Ostrog Monastery – Free time to visit upper and lower Monastery – Departure to Kotor – Lunch break at a restaurant (of your choice) – Arrival to Kotor

**Total tour time around 6 hours.

Skadar Lake National Park - Virpazar

Departure from Kotor – Foto brake near St. Stefan – Arrival at the Virpazar Skadar Lake –  Boat ride on Lake Skadar (2 hours long boat tour with English speaking guide, with stop of 20 minutes for swimming. On the boat local homemade pastries with honey and cheese will be served) – Tour through the visitor center of National park – Visit to the local winery and vineyards – wine and brandy tasting – Departure for Kotor – Arrival in Kotor

**Total tour time around 8 hours.

Njegos Mausoleum Lovcen And Village Njegusi

Departing from Kotor with breaks for photo taking – Driving through the famous 25 serpentines the old road constructed in 1879 by Austro-Hungarians – Visiting National park Lovcen – Visiting Njegos mausoleum (461 steps to get there 🙂 ) – Visiting village Njegusi (FREE food and wine tasting of famous Njeguši smoked ham and cheese, wine and brandy) – Returning to Kotor with breaks for photo taking – Optional: ZIP LINE descent 

*Total tour time around 8 hours.

Kotor Boat Tour - Our Lady of the Rocks

Meet your skipper at the pier – Start your Kotor boat tour ride towards the island of Our Lady of the Rocks – Visit church  Our Lady of the Rocks – Boat ride to Perast – Visit and leisure time at  Perast  – Boat ride back to Kotor 

**Total tour time around 2 hours and 30 minutes

Kotor Boat Tour - Our Lady of the Rocks - Blue Cave

Departure Kotor – boat ride out of the Bay of Boka to the open sea  – Without stop slowly passing island Mamula – Visit Blue Cave and swimming – boat ride to submarine tunnel  –  visit islet and church Our Lady of the Rocks  – Boat ride to and visit Perast – Coming back to Kotor 

**Total tour time around 4 hours and 30 minutes

Old Town Kotor And Budva

Meeting in front of Old town of Kotor, walking tour with guide – Finishing walking tour, departure to Vidikovac viewpoint – Arrival at Vidikovac viewpoint, pause for photo taking – Departure to Budva – Arrival at Budva Old town, free time in town – Departure to Kotor – Arrival at Kotor

 **Total tour time around 4 hours

Montengro Coast Tour - Kotor - Budva - St. Stefan

Meeting and departure Kotor – Vidikovac viewpoint and pause for photo taking – driving to viepoint beach Jaz – photo pause – Departure to Budva – Arrival at Old Town in Budva – free time in Budva Old town – Departure to viewpoint St. Stefan – Arrival at viewpoint at St. Stefan – photo pause –    – Coming back to Kotor .

 **Total tour time around 4 hours

The Best Beaches Near Lipci

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Tour 2

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